Weekend Recap – March of the penguins

Hello friends.  I can’t believe that it was already a year ago that Alex and I, along with a close group of our friends ran the Boston Marathon.  Time really does fly! I have a few courageous friends running again this year and I heard it’s gonna be a hot one…  I just want to say  have a great time — it’s truly an inspirational experience and we’ll be rooting for you (from our sleep)!

This weekend was really beautiful… temps reached 24 – 26  C ( 75- 79 F).  We took advantage of the weather and ran around the tan (which is the perimeter of the Royal Botanical Gardens), and of course made the end point brunch.  We also received our couch and coffee tables for the living room! Yes… VERY excited to have a place to sit after 3 months 🙂

Here’s the beauty… The pillow isn’t staying, I had to bring it up from the bedroom because I was desperately needing color in my life. It’s far too big for the couch.  What do you think?

On Saturday night I went for Mexican and a comedy show with girlfriends in St. Kilda, and Alex went to watch Footy with another friend.  It was the first time we spent a night out separately in 4 months!  Very strange… but separate girl and boy time was much needed.  On Sunday we headed down to St. Kilda beach to watch the sunset and see the Penguins come in from feeding.  These little tuxedo friends are the cutest little entertainers… they climb up on the rocks and flap their wings around while making a great amount of noise.  They are the smallest penguin species and have many fans.  Aren’t they cute?!  I read somewhere that in the summer up to 1500 people can be seen on the pier waiting for these little guys to climb back up the rocks.  Flash photography is prohibited so I didn’t get a good photo, but here are some photos of the wonderful St. Kilda sunset taken by me with my iphone.

couch and coffee tables via  //  Original photo of penguin


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